Do you wish to install mac os x 10.8.5 mountain lion, 10.9 maverick or 10.10 yosemite on your older unsupported mac? Look no further, solution is here.

As you may be aware, Apple Inc. has crippled older mac models of early 2006 to late 2008 which are embedded with 32 bit efi's thus are unable to boot newer operating systems such as 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Maverick, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra as well as 10.13 High Sierra.

I have been able to recompile the mac os x installation system to allow these macbooks not only to boot the 64 bit newer operating systems but to run perfectly on an older mac. The current mac operating system requires investment in new hardware in order to enjoy the benefits offered by these modern operating systems.

Therefore officially crippling these machines through lack of support. Fortunately I have been able to circumvent that and has come out with a FULLY BOOTABLE OS X INSTALLER in a .dmg format that can be downloaded from my site here for installation.


My approach does not require you to download a patching tool from the internet and go through strenuous complicated processes in order to get your installer to work. I have done all the work for you. With a little knowledge in I.T, you will be able to install my OS X version code named "Osafo Edition" with ease.

Please be informed that the Osafo Edition of MAC OS X has been redesigned from the official Mac App store purchased copy of Install OS X into a format that will make it possible to be installed on the aforementioned macs.



Tested Macs are listed below. Here are the minimum requirements:

- Running 10.7 Lion - At least 2GB of RAM.

- 15 GB of free space from USB or HDD Partition to serve as your Installation Drive.



-MacBook4,x -MacBookPro2,x


-MacMini1,x (C2D upgraded)

-MacMini2,x -iMac4,x (C2D can be upgraded)


-Mac Pro 1,1

-Mac Pro 2,1

INSTALLING OS X YOSEMITE 10.10 ON UNSUPPORTED MACS EASILY as against investment in new hardware that will cost you a fortune, please do the maths and compare. Thanks


For a variety of reasons, installation instructions for the OS X Osafo Edition will be available only to those willing to utilize the software through the download.

 Due to the complicated nature of the new operating system and both apple and Intel's lack of support for them, graphic acceleration and sound is not achieved with this default automated installation therefore I have provided as part of the download, a collection of essential kexts and a kext installer that can be used to install after you log into the system for the first time. I have used them and are working 1oo %.


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